Death Race Trailer

The 1975 cult classic Death Race 2000 is remembered for its quirky humor, wonderful satire and at points over the top violence. Paul W.S Anderson's (Event Horizon, Resident Evil) remake simply titled Death Race has thrown out the satire in place of making this a straight-up action flick.

Yahoo! has just gotten it's hands on the trailer for the film. Check it out here. I have to say, it looks interesting and I'm glad Anderson isn't taking the cheap way out and doing a photocopy of the original. Then again, the film seems a bit standard and less expansive as it seems only to take place on a single track inside an industrial complex.  I woulda liked to seen some more outdoors. 

I do admit however it has piqued my interest and I do want to see it. If anything it should entertain for some very sweet kills, the flick has a solid R rating. Death Race drives into cinemas on August 22 while Asylum's mockbuster Death Racers hits a month later on September 23. That trailer isn't out yet.
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