Paramount DVD Re-Release

Re-releasing DVDs with different cover art has become common practice nowadays for studios. Somehow the folks who run the DVD department think that slapping a fresh, new cover art on the box will draw someone's eye who might think that it's a brand new edition of the DVD. ain't.

This is just such the case. DVDActive got word that Paramount will be re-releasing Event Horizon, Friday the 13th, What Lies Beneath, Red Eye, Sleepy Hollow, The Ring, and Pet Sematary. What is so cool about these covers? They're lenticular! Those covers where if you tilt it, it will reveal a new image.  This'll cause fans to buy them.  Brilliant!*

Paramount, I know you can do better. Honestly, this is just as shallow, if not more than releasing a barebones, VHS image/audio quality DVD of a horror classic. Come on, unless the customer is a complete dolt or don't already own the previous editions they wont' buy. You're just wasting your time and money. Each one of those DVDs already have previous editions out, so why waste money on buying new ones with just modified covers? Grant it I would buy the one for Pet Sematary as I don't own that one yet.

Come on Paramount, please try harder. Where's the Special Original Uncut Edition of My Bloody Valentine? The 10minutes of missing stuff apparently resides in your vaults. Give us the original unrated cut with a retrospective featurette about the making of the film, the censor problems along with a commentary and trailers. We'll buy that. Where's the Special Edition Original 3hr cut of The Keep by Michael Man? Give us promotional featurettes from the time it was made, a retrospective, and maybe a commentary. Or most importantly to fans....where's the Uncut, Original versions of the Friday the 13th sequels?

Come on, please. I know I'm complaining...but Poultrygiest is coming to my might work this time. Anywho, if you're at all interested, check out DVDActive's page with pictures of the new covers. The DVDs are due out September 9 and will go for $14.98 a piece.


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