Three New Hammer Films


Since Hammer made its triumphant return they haven't done much in terms of feature films. They are finished up the Beyond the Rave series on MySpace and also have a remake of Let the Right One In coming up in the future. But other than that they haven't mentioned what they have up their sleeves.

Today however, Variety revealed that they have in production three brand new films, The Wakewood, The Resident and The Quiet Ones. All that was mentioned about The Wakewood is that David Keating is attached to direct. "The Resident" is a chiller directed by Antti Jokinen that is described as being in the tradition of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". "The Quiet Ones" is based on the supposedly true story of a group of Canadian hippie scientists in the 1970s who attempt to create a ghost.

"Those earlier Hammer films were very much of their time, and there is a lot of affection for them, but we have to keep up with audiences' expectations today," says Hammer chief exec Simon Oakes. "I like to think of ourselves now as dealing more in the Hitchcockian areas of terror and suspense."

I think there is some sense in his statement.. but the audience that he speaks of I think is not us, but the mainstream. Its probably a good business mindset to be in now why horror is hot. But its not going to stay that way and they are going to have to change that up. Lets hope however that they can manage to make some great films that satisfy both the die hards and the mainstream fans. 

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