New ManEater DVD Collection Volume 1


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the jungle, Genius Products and RHI Entertainment debuts MANEATER SERIES COLLECTION: VOLUME 1 on DVD July 22.  Featuring three titles in the popular “Maneater” series, the films include amazing apes, creepy crawlers, and bloody Bengal tigers.  Maneater stars Academy Award® nominee Gary Busey (Best Actor, The Buddy Holly Story, 1979) as an Appalachian sheriff battling an escaped Bengal tiger on a rampage.  Blood Monkey features Academy Award® winner F. Murray Abraham (Best Actor, Amadeus, 1984) as he leads a group of attractive grad students in a fight for survival against man-eating chimpanzees during an African safari gone horribly wrong. In the Spider’s Web features a group of unsuspecting backpackers who cross paths in a dense jungle with restless natives, mad scientists, and marauding arachnids.  

BLOOD MONKEY Don’t get tangled up with the wrong species.  Six American Grad students have arrived in Africa to study apes with renowned Professor Hamilton (Oscar® winner F. Murray Abraham).  But after setting up camp in a jungle clearing, they soon become witness to the carnage inflicted by the strange and remote species.  The students want out – and fast!  As the chimps close in, screams fill the jungle night and the remaining survivors realize that they’re merely pawns in a terrifying game with nature.

IN THE SPIDER’S WEB When a team of backpackers sets out to explore the Indian jungles, one of them is bitten by a poisonous spider and killed.  Forced to seek the help of Dr. Lecorpus (Golden Globe® nominee Lance Henrikson), an American physician living in a local village, the group quickly discovers that the village has a venomous ritual in which crawling spiders feast on corpses.  In the Spider’s Web is a thriller that is sure to make your skin crawl and the hairs on the back of your neck rise.

MANEATER When a dismembered body is found in the Appalachian Mountains, county Sheriff Grady (Gary Busey) is shocked to discover that the predator is a six-hundred pound Bengal tiger.  Twelve feet from nose to tail, it’s one of the most powerful beasts on Earth.  Now, it’s loose – and there’s no man with the skill or courage to take it down.

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