My Name Is Bruce In Theaters


It has been WAY too long since we have heard anything about Bruce Campbells My Name Is Bruce. Personally I thought he was too busy raking in the cash from Burn Notice but it looks like finally there is some movement in the camp and some pretty exciting news.

STYD attended the Saturn Awards where they spoke with Dark Horse Comics' Mike Richardson, "Some people maybe thought the film fell out or that there was something wrong with it," Richardson told the site. "We did our shoot, put it in the can and the studio that financed it liked it so much they gave us more money to do a second shoot. We beefed it up so it could go into the theaters."

So the film looks to be hitting theaters sometime this October from Dark Horse Entertainment and Image Entertainment. He also let it slip that a sequel is already in talks, My Name Is Still Bruce. In the first film a small town is attacked by Demons. So they do what any small town would call upon a demon slayer, Ash. Only Ash is only in the movies but that doesn't stop them from contacting Bruce Campbell!

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