The Host 2 Is Coming


The Host PosterLast we heard about The Host 2 was that the script was written by comic book artist Kang Full and it was going to be a prequel. The film would take place in 2003 when they were restoring the Cheonggye Stream. That stream had been blocked off for 30 years so when they finally go back to restore it they are confronted with a surprise. Full spoke about the project saying, "I wanted to maintain the grace of the original film and to overcome the difficulties and limitations a sequel could have. And I wish to show more action with multiple monsters.”

All of that was relevant until today when Variety revealed the final plans for the film. Korean production shingle Chungeorahm and China's Stone Man Films are going to create a Chinese sequel to the Korean film. Kang Full's script has also been tossed out and now they are using a script written by Ning Hao who will also direct.

This time around the story will deal with a calamity caused when people ignore a monster due to their desire for money. The budget for the sequel will be appoximately $12 million with shooting expected to begin early next year and a release at the end of 2009.

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