Amateur Porn Star Killer 3 in 3D?


Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 Movie DetailsRecently I had the chance to check out Shane Ryan's Amateur Porn Star Killer 2. The film really struck me like the August Underground films. Only replace all of the intense gore from those films and throw in some triple X hardcore sex scenes. Whatever floats your boat when it comes to these gritty, in-your-face, home videos from serial killers I guess.

Today comes word from Alter Ego Cinema that APSK 3 will be available in 3-D! Director Shane Ryan wasn't exactly with the idea from the start either, “I was asked to do APSK3 in 3D which I thought was a terrible idea given how dark and handheld the style of the films are, it would for sure make you vomit if you haven’t already with 3D added,” says Ryan. “Not to mention it would kill the seriousness of it. 3D movies are usually campy horror, hokey porn, kids movies, or Sci-Fi/Action. I thought the only way to do this in 3D would be to make it a campy horror porn film. But I didn’t want the trilogy to end that way so we agreed on doing my serious Part 3 version as well as a campy 3D movie.”

Both films will be released as a double feature DVD just after Halloween of this year, with the 3D version also available in a 2D version, for a total of 3 versions for “Amateur Porn Star Killer 3”. Given the 2nd was in 2 versions and the first film in one version it plays out perfect that way. Expect a theatrical run for the 3D version before the release.

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