Zombie's Halloween 3-Disc Collectors DVD


It's time to reach into your pockets and double dip.  Well, that is if you are a fan of Rob Zombie's Halloween reimaging.  Fangoria got word from Dimension Extreme that a release date has been set for a 3-Disc Collectors edition of Zombie's Halloween.  This 3-disc Collectors Edition is going to be hitting shelves October 21st.  No cover art has been released, but the 3-disc edition is going to contain a 4 and a half hour "making of" documentary!  Yeah thats right 4.5 hours long! 

To me, 4.5 hours of documentary seems a bit excessive especiallly for a film that failed to hold my attention for 1.5 hours.  Obviously some people wont be able to pass this up, while others will skip save their dough.  It will be interesting to see if there are any other special features worthwhile on this release or if the documentary is primarily it.  Only time will tell but keep an eye out for more details as they arise.

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