Exam: Bloody Midterms Teaser Trailer


Well its that time where I throw you an Asian horror trailer for a film that looks filled with promise.  This trailer is for the South Korean film "Gosa: Pihee Jungkangosa" which translates to Exam: Bloody Mid-Terms.  The film revolves around 20 high school students who gather for a special Saturday afternoon class.  While in the class, a tv mysteriously turns on as music blares.  One of their fellow classmates is shown submerged in a tank of water and a voice tells them that she will be killed if they dont answer a question correctly.  As they go along, more students begin disappearing and the questions to save their classmates lives get harder and harder.  A 2008 release is expected in Korea, no word yet on any other release dates as details are scarce.  Check out the first teaser trailer below(sorry, no subtitles) 

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