Fantasia 2008 Schedule Is Here


I have been anxiously awaiting for the Fantasia Film Festival schedule and website to finally go live. This year, Meh and myself are making plans to attend and are working on getting the greenlight to go. This year there are over 100 genre films playing including a TON of great stuff. Some of those include Repo! The Genetic Opera, Midnight Meat Train, Pig Hunt, [REC], The Echo, Bad Biology and on.

Of course the event takes place in Montreal, QC, Canada. So if you plan on attending you better start getting your plans together now. If not there is still something cool for you at the Fantasia website. I've been going through some of the films and they have added some great trailers to many of the films that will be showing including a bad ass trailer for Pig Hunt.

So clear your schedule from July 3rd-21st because this one is gonna be huge. For all the info you need about the festival hit up the official website.

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