OTIS DVD Winners.. More to Come!


I have chosen two winners of Otis on DVD and they are Chainaw80 and 420. The good news is this is the FIRST batch of winners. I still have more copies and will still be picking more winners. It is VERY important you enter all your information. Had alot of entries missing information. You can still enter below and I will pick more winners later in the week. Congrats to 420 and Chainsaw for being the first winners. I am mailing your DVDS right now!

From Raw Feed comes a star-powered, darkly comedic chiller gone haywire. Sometime pizza guy and full-time psycho, Otis thinks he’s a wicked dude…until he meets the Lawsons, his latest victim’s happy suburban family. The Lawsons aren’t happy anymore…and they have a truckload of power tools. To enter this contest is easy as always. Email us at contests@horror-movies.ca and make the subject 'Capture Me' and we will then pick some winners. With your email you MUST include

  • Name / Age / City you live in
  • Your USERNAME off the boards
  • This contest is only open to members of our site who are active!

Warner Brothers gave us a whole slew of clips for the new horror/romantic/comedy OTIS. I saw Otis and it has some flaws but without question the last 30minutes of this movie are pure genius. Checkout the clips here  OTIS is a story of suburban America gone haywire. In the midst of a serial abductor/killer’s rampage, a beautiful young teen, Riley Lawson (Ashley Johnson), goes missing. When her desperate parents, Will and Kate (Daniel Stern and Illeana Douglas), are contacted by her kidnapper, an insufferable FBI Special Agent (Jere Burns) takes charge of the case.

But, from deep within the psychopathic subterranean world created by Otis (Bostin Christopher), Riley turns the tables on her tormentor, manages to escape and to contact her parents. Fed up with the tragi-comic inability of the FBI to find their girl, Will, Kate and Riley’s brother, Reed (Jared Kusnitz), decide to take matters - and justice - into their own hands. But when Otis’ brother, Elmo (Kevin Pollak), shows up unexpectedly, the Lawsons find themselves mired in one of the more unusual and macabre consequences of vigilantism.

Far from proclaiming ‘Mission Accomplished,’ the backed-in-a-corner Lawsons will further complicate their already deadly predicament with a surprising, unfortunate and frankly hilarious final choice.

OTIS Extra Content (on both DVD and Blu-ray)

  • Commentary by Director Tony Krantz and Writer Erik Jendresen
  • Featurette: The Twisted World of Otis in which the cast and crew discuss how and why comedy works within the confines of the film
  • Suite 16,the home movie of Otis’  fantasies made by Otis himself
  • Alternate Ending which gives a starkly different tone and finality to the film.  It includes an introduction by Tony Krantz.

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