English Language Trailer for Dorothy


Today we have the English language trailer for the possession horror flick, Dorothy. However because the film is being released in France in August the only trailer availble has a French sub. The Weinstein Co. picked this one up not to long ago so we should be hearing more about this one shortly. Check out the trailer below. 

Jane Morton, a psychiatrist in mourning after the accidental death of her son, is assigned the case of Dorothy Mills, a 15-year-old girl from a small Irish island, accused of attempting to murder a baby in her charge. Arriving at the village, Jane discovers a small, frightened community, troubled by mysterious events and haunted by a terrible shared secret and hostile to outsiders.

Deeply religious, and believed by the villagers to possess supernatural powers, the terrified Dorothy swears she never touched the child. Moved by the girl's fragile, vulnerable state, Jane makes a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder, until the day that Dorothy speaks to her with the voice of her dead son. Jane is forced to admit that the girl indeed possesses powers that exist beyond the realm of psychiatry.

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