Scarecrow the Next Slasher?


If there is anything I love as much as horror movies, its horror comic books. A character that has always been fascinating to me is Batman and more specifically the deranged rogue's gallery that he has. Joker, the Riddler, Two Face, the list goes on and on. Today writer Joe Harris spoke with Newsarama about an upcoming one shot focused on Scarecrow. What he had to say will definitely get Horror fans to pull out their wallet.

"Well, without giving too much away... I decided to tell Scarecrow’s story as though it were an 80s horror movie... with a touch of “Heathers” and various John Hughes films from the era thrown in for depth and context. I was raised on a steady diet of movies like Friday The 13th as well as other slashers, along with higher- concept movies like April Fool’s Day and the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. I treated Scarecrow like a slasher movie threat... a masked maniac in the mold of Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger, but with a pathology known to Batman readers and let loose upon a house of unsuspecting teenage girls having a slumber party. His psychiatrist alter-ego, Dr. Jonathan Crane, has been “treating” a troubled young girl named Lindsay for her social problems and decides a Mean Girls setting of queen bees and outcasts is the perfect forum for a lesson in the both the nature and the power of fear."

The comic he is working on is a one shot issue titled The Joker's Asylum: Scarecrow. He will be joined by artist Juan Doe. So if this short blurb is any indicator of how brutally awesome this comic sounds, save up those pennies and pick it up when it hits comc shops on July 23rd. You can read more of what Harris had to say at Newsarama.

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