Tremors Team Ready Night Crew


It really has been a long time since we have heard about this group. But they have been working in many other facets including directing a handful of ABC Family Christmas movies. But now its time to get bloody again as the team reunites for Night Crew.

The Official Stampede Entertainment website has been updated with some very interesting information about the project. They describe the film as being like Tremors as "a fast-moving monster tale full of quirky characters, scary moments, and laugh-out-loud humor, but this time in an urban setting."

Nancy Roberts, who packed the original Tremors and produced the sequels, will produce. Ron Underwood, director of Tremors, will be back to direct this one with S. S. Wilson and Brent Maddock back on the script. Nothing else at this point is being revealed other than they have fine-tuned the script. Hopefully this one will begin soon so we can get some more monster action.

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