More Details Arise on Jeepers Creepers 3


It wasn't too long ago that it was finally confirmed that Victor Salva would be back to direct a third entry into the Jeepers Creepers franchise. The film was always whispered about and many of us knew this thing was gonna happen... just didn't know when things were going to come together. Finally they did and today Fango has some new details straight from writer/director Salva.

The script, now titled JEEPERS CREEPERS III: CATHEDRAL, is about to enter preproduction at MGM and does include a prologue in the Old West, where we see how the Creeper became a frightening part of cowboy and Native American folklore,” Salva tells Fango. Of course the film won't stay in the past as the rest of the story will pick up right where Creepers II left off. “I will say,” Salva reveals, “that one aspect of the third film features Trish Jenner [again played by the original's Gina Philips], who, 23 years later, has a teenage son of her own, named Darry after her long-lost brother. Trish is having a terrible recurring dream where her son meets the same terrible fate as her brother. Now a rich and powerful woman, Trish is determined to stop the Creeper once and for all.”

So where does the Cathedral come into play? “It is a large part of the film created especially for all our loyal JEEPERS CREEPERS fans. The new film—JEEPERS THREEPERS, as we affectionately refer to it around here—reprises all the classic ideas of the first film, but brings them horrifyingly full circle. It also revisits characters from both films [Ray Wise from II returns, as does Creeper actor Jonathan Breck], lets us learn more about what the Creeper is and, by popular demand, reintroduces the infamous Creeper truck.”

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