The New Cast of APSK3D


Director Shane Ryan has decided that with his new entry into the Amateur Porn Star Killer franchise he is going to add some real actors and real porn stars. On his previous films he casted Michiko Jimenez and Kai Lanette both of whom had never acted before and basically improved the entire film.

Elissa Dowling (“Black Dahlia”, “Transmorphers”), Jeff Dylan Graham (“Dead Clowns”, “Terror Toons 2”), oddball critic/actor Luke Y. Thompson (“Mad Cowgirl”, “Wicked Lake”) and cult journalist/scream queen Heidi Martinuzzi (Troma’s “Slaughter Party”) have all joined the cast along with tattooed bad girl porn star Regan Reese, thanks to Society 1 lead singer and porn producer/director Matt “The Lord” Zane. Ryan is also talking with Regan about starring in the other APSK3 version. There are talks and rumors of more joining the film later, with cult producer Mike Bilinski (“Evil Bong”) recently on board as well.

It pretty much started with Elissa”, says Ryan, “who about nearly knocked me out for not casting her in APSK2. I just didn’t think actors who have starred in movies I see at Hollywood Video would want to work on a 20 dollar budgeted sex fueled horror film with no crew. But she made me realize that wasn’t the case. And of course Elissa knows Jeff who knows Heidi who was actually the first to respond well to the APSK series and it just has had a great domino effect from there. So, we got some great indie horror actors and porn stars this time.”

Now Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D is actually going to be a more comical look at the first two films in the trilogy. However their will be two other versions one of which was mentioned above that will be shot without the 3D effect and will be a completely different movie all together. These movies are hard to watch but they really show you what real horror is. It's not Friday the 13th, Halloween or Nightmare On Elm Street.. it's something much darker than any of those films ever tried to put on film. 

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