True Blood Viral Marketing Explosion


With the recent success of horror films with strong viral marketing campaigns, the latest horror project to do so isnt a movie but a TV series.  HBO's upcoming series True Blood, based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series by Charaline Harris, has decided to push hard with the Viral marketing.  Over the last few days I have inadvertantly stumbled across some of their campaigns.  Some of them are quite interesting so I figured I'd share.

The first site I stumbled across was through an advertisement on IMDB actually.  The ad took me to which is a website for TruBlood synthetic blood nourishment drinks.  There is info on all their blood drinks (Type O, Type A, Type B, Type AB), a type finder to figure out which blood drink is right for you, multimedia objects such as wallpapers and advertisements, and even a shop where you can buy TruBlood merchandise.  So if you are interested in touting a t-shirt or finding out what type of blood you should drink, check it out. And be on the look out for ads in magazines, on billboards, or even bus stops as they are starting to make their rounds around the world. 

I dont remember how I stumbled across the other site but their second one is called  This site says it was created to "chronicle the amazing days we live in as vampires attempt to integrate with humans."  This site is a combonation of everything they are marketing as there are video "Blood Copy Reports", pictures of TruBlood drink billboards and magazine ads people have found, Vampire blogs, news archives, and even a way to call in using Skype.  There is plenty of interesting viral stuff all crammed into this site and worth checking out.....or if you happen to find some TruBlood ads in your town take a pic and send it in. 

It's good to see HBO pushing this new show and good to see someone taking a chance with vampires in general.  So with the viral marketing in full swing, be on the look out for Tru Blood ads near you or check out Blood Copy and read up on the latest vampire news. 

True Blood will be debuting later this fall.  It chronicles the co-existance of vampires and humans in Louisiana after the synthetic blood drink TruBlood hits the market.  The show stars Anna Pacquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard. 

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