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It's been a long time since we've last heard of the Sci-Fi Viking film (a strange combination if there ever was one) Outlander and I was starting to dread the film fell into production hell and we'd never hear from it again.  It's a film that is so strange and unique in it's premise it is something you just gotta see.  After Pathfinder (though I thought it enjoyable) it's easy to assume that most probably would show no interest.

Well, the folks over at Joblo had a link to an Outlander production blog(!). Never knew one existed. On this blog was a trailer for the film. I just gotta say one thing....DAMN! I mean DAMN! It looks freaking awesome! Check out the trailer below. Outlander is set in 709AD Norway, the Viking of war and pillage lifestyle is interrupted as a thing crashes to the Earth. A man from a faraway planet emerges from the wreck and taken captive by the Vikings. However, he wasn't alone...a monster more vicious than any of the Vikings can imagine was on board as well. Now it is up to the strange man combing his advanced weapons with the Vikings in order to defeat the menace.

Outlander has an impressive cast to include John (Alien) Hurt, Ron (Hellboy) Perlman, Sophia (Underworld) Myles and Jim (Unknown) Caviezel coming down from the Heaven's to save mankind, kinda sounds like another role he played...just can't put my finger on it. Outlander is suppose to be released sometime later this year

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