Lost Planet Coming to the Screen


This week is the big E3 event that is going down which gamers get know about all the coolest stuff that is going to be coming out soon. Or in this case just where big announcements are made that are happening. Today Variety reports that later on this evening Capcom is announcing a big screen adaptation of Lost Planet.

"Lost Planet," which was released in Japan in late 2006 and North America in early 2007, has sold over 2 million units. A sequel is believed to be in the works. The vidgame revolves around an expedition to an ice planet that harbors an energy source with the potential to save mankind.

Warner Bros. will distribute the film that will be co-financed by Capcom. Coming off of Watchmen, David Hayter will write the script. Capcom is pretty good at picking their projects and have quite a few more in there back pocket including a new Street Fighter and Onimusha movies.

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