First Photo From Drag Me to Hell


Sam Raimi is gearing up some new footage for Comic-Con next weekend. Today EW got a sneak peek at his new film Drag Me To Hell. This is the first photo from the film and I have to say she looks a lot like the witch from Army of Darkness. I guess thats just Sam's style. Check it out below.

Sam Raimi wrote the script a little while after he completed Army of Darkness with his brother Ivan. The film follows a bank employee who denies an Eastern European gypsy a loan, humiliating her in front of others, thereby incurring her wrath in the form of a supernatural curse. Soon she's fighting off a demon called "The Lamia." Coming along for the ride is Adriana Barraza, Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Jessica Lucas, David Paymer, Reggie Lee, Lorna Raver, and Dileep Rao.

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