Member of the Month Winner: RIP


Time for another winner just by being a top member. This go around its RIP... again. The guy just cant get enough of the site and has managed to win more then once. So congrats RIP. You have just won yourself PHONE on DVD. For those who are new we run entry contests where you enter them but we also reward top members with the most toe-tags which are earned simply by posting on the boards, submitting reviews and having fun talking horror. So RIP Congrats, enjoy your free DVD from Tartan!

An investigative reporter, who has recently published a controversial article about sex scandals, begins to receive a series of menacing phone calls. In an effort to escape these calls, she changes her number, but the calls keep coming. When a friend's young daughter innocently answers the ringing telephone, she begins to exhibit increasingly crazed behavior. As the mystery of the calls is uncovered, a terrifying secret is revealed. Stylish and shocking, Phone is a new entry in the Asian horror genre.

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