Movies Online at Viennale Festival !

The annual Film-Festival in the heart of Europe (Vienna/Austria), is one of the oldest and best-known festivals in the German-speaking world. It takes place every October in beautiful cinemas in Vienna's historic centre, providing a festival with an international orientation and a distinctive urban flair. A high percentage of the approximately 70,000 visitors to the festival from Austria and abroad is made up of a decidedly young audience.

This year, Movies Online also will be visiting this wonderful Festival. We had the honor of getting an official Press-accreditation. The "Viennale" will take place in Vienna from 15th - 27th of October.  Till now about 90% of the film-program has been fixed, and the last major films follow after the festival in Venice (Italy).

The complete programm will be avaiable on the 1st of October. We also are invited to the Programmpressconference on the 30th of September, located in the wonderful "Gartenbau-Kino", one of the oldest Cinemas in Vienna.

Some movies have been put to the list already like:

    1. "Dandelion" (USA 2004) by Mark Milgan
    2. "Clean"  (France, Canada, Great Britain 2004) by Olivier Assayas
    3. "Bu Jian"  (Taiwan 2003) by Lee Kang-Sheng
    4. "Notre Musique"  (France/Suisse, 2004) by Jean-Luc Godard
    5. "Tarnation" (USA 2003) by Jonathan Caouette
    6. "Whisky"  (Uruguay 2004) by  Juan Pablo Rebella + Pablo Stoll

Besides Feature-movies, there also are a lot of Documentarys, Short-Films, and Retrospetives.

This years Tribute goes to one of the greatest actresses Hollywood ever saw - Lauren Bacall. In honor of her 80th brithday, the "Viennale" will dedicate a comprehensive homage to her, presenting a dozen of the best and most significant films of this unsurpassed and uncommon actress.
She also will be at the "Viennale", and of course i will try everything to get some cool pictures and an interview with her.

Be sure to check out all the upcoming news about this Festival.

Official  "Viennale" Website:

Greetings, René (aka MacReady)

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