Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake Coming


Now right off the bat, I absolutely loathe The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is one of the dumbest films I think I have ever seen. BUT their are legions of fans for this film and I have never understood why. Well today I get to laugh at your pain.. Heh well I'm not that cruel but I do find this news a bit funny that all those cross dressing dudes out there will be smearing there masscare.

MTV Films are plotting to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They plan on using the exact same script this time but they will change up some of the music. They will probably cast a bunch of "hip" musician "actors" like Fergie, Ludicras and Ice Cube.. Heh I can see it now.

One of the producers on the project Lou Adler whom produced the original is hoping to have it in theaters for next Halloween. So far the saying remains true when it comes to remakes.. No film is safe in the modern age of remakes.. Not even films with Transylvanian Transsexuals.

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