DiCaprio Looking to Raise Twilight Zone


Leonardo DiCaprio is not the kind of guy you would think has a passion for anything horror related. But he does in fact love the Twilight Zone citing it as his favorite television show. With that love he know had money which means everything in Hollywood. So with the help of Warner Bros. he is looking to create a new film based on the original Rod Serling episodes.

Unlike the anthology film that came out 25 years ago he wants to build one continuing story line based on one or more episodes. In order to this they have been secretly (or not so secretly anymore) getting word out to people in Hollywood to see if they would be interested.

I was actually a fan of all of the Twilight Zone incarnations over the years. Even when they brought the show back I still liked some of the stuff they were doing. I hope with this new film that they get some good genre names on board to make this a bonafide horror project.

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