Judges Announced For Scream Queens


Not long ago it was revealed that VH1 was putting together a show to find the next scream queen which would of course be called "Scream Queens". Today THR revealed that James Gunn, Shawnee Smith and John Homa(!?) would serve dual roles on the show as judges.

James Gunn in addition to judging will direct the girls performances, Smith will serve as the host and John Homa as the acting coach. The premise is to get 10 contestants on the show to try and win a place in a Lionsgate horror film. Sounds like a great deal but Lionsgate is also known for a lot of straight to DVD fare so we will see how that grand prize pans out.

I think my real problem with judges panel is Shawnee Smith. I guess she is supposed to be the "real" scream queen who has done it. It my mind she is far from what a real scream queen is. What they really needed to do was bring someone like Danielle Harris, Tiffany Shepis or hell even a classic Linnea Quigley. I'm sure her schedule is clear and who could argue with bringing Quigley on the show as a legitimate scream queen? What are your guys thoughts?

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