Punisher WarZone Controversy


At Comic Con some VERY violent new footage for Punisher Warzone was debuted ( watch it ). The footage was supposed to be shown off by Lexi Alexander the director but word from Lionsgate at the convention was she was on her honeymoon and unable to attend. Odd... considering Comic Con is a massive show that is pretty much THE demographic to show your film at. You would think she would know that. Well if you believe AICN and I do.. she was more then just on her Honeymoon. She was FIRED.

Lexi Alexander has been kicked to the curb - part of that treatment was her “honeymoon” from Comic Con. However, there’s more totally awesome wedding gifts that Lionsgate has given the blushing bride. She’s off the movie and wrapped up in a non-disclosure clause - so we won’t be hearing from her anytime soon, UNLESS THINGS CHANGE RADICALLY - but Lionsgate isn’t necessarily known for calming down.

They’ve decided to market it HARD CORE - and they’ve decided to jettison the composer for the film in lieu of loud thrashing metal, because nothing says PUNISHER like raspy amps.

Lexis blog where she has in the past talked in detail about Punisher Warzone now is empty accept for the hear/see/do no evil Monkeys. Pretty much confirms that something is amiss.

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