Bill Nighy Talks Underworld 3 At Comic Con


Once again at Comic Con we sat down with one of the coolest old guys I've ever known, Bill Nighy. While we chatted him up he was cracking jokes the whole time and I don't think he quite answered any of the questions without slipping in a little joke here and there which is always good when you have to talk to 20 different actors.

Nighy is an extremely humble actor and in is always doing things to be sure the director gets what he needs. Afterwards he sees the film do well and is pleased that a young director like Len Wiseman had made a name for himself. Nighy is already a well known actor who had friends all over in cinema and has worked on several big pictures including Pirates of the Caribbean.

When it came to Underworld he has always been more than happy to come back and reprise his role. To him it creates another unique opportunity to try and recapture that particular character. While he absolutely hates the make up and the action sequences, he does love the clothes and all the hot women who show them their bare necks.

He also had some funny comments about vampire lore, "I love it when they get technical. Like in the first one they had bullets that were made of glass which contained harnessed daylight. (Pause) You know what I mean? It's sooo stupid and yet so perfect, ya know? (laughs) In terms of vampire lore its righteous and if you fire one of those into a vampire it implodes and the daylight floods his system and he ceases to exist. It's perfect, ya know what I mean. It's perfect nonsense and it has style."

To end the conversation he was asked if he would come back and be a part of Edgar Wrights "Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy". To which he answered, "I would love to be! He once said to me, when he wanted me to be in Hot Fuzz, he wanted me to be in every movie he ever made. Lets see if you meant it Edgar!"

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