Terminator 4 Poster


Below from MoviesOnline you can checkout the Terminator 4 poster. I have seen photos of this poster from Comic Con so I guess its the comic con poster. As you all know by now we caught up with McG at Comic Con as well as the rest of the cast of the film and he spilled the beans on something that we did not know before. He told us that the film would have an R rating which we already told you. He also told us that Stan Winston would have a cameo which we told you about. The shocker was that the film has more then one connection to Dark Knight. Christian Bale is the obvious connection but McG revealed that Jonathon Nolan who wrote Dark Knight was the lead writer on Terminator 4.

Shocking since hes not listed on IMDB and his involvement wasnt even known by us. There was talk he was chipping in on the project but no idea he was the main writer. This in my eyes is just more good news for us and the movie. Good writers are as key as good actors. More so then directors in my eyes. Here is hoping Terminator Salvation kicks ass!

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