York Entertainment Acquires Amhurst


York Entertainment has just acquired worldwide rights to the indie horror flick Amhurst. The film made its world premiere screening back in March which brought a lot of attention to the project. This lead to the unholy union between them and York Entertainment whom director Rocky Constanzo says, "York was one of five distributors that contacted us and after lots of consideration, we chose to sign with York, mainly because they seemed to believe in it the most."

Amhurst tells the story of Rebecca Cabot, whom after the death of her abusive grandfather, returns to her childhood home where the ghosts of a past long buried are about to be resurrected.

No official release date has been announced, but the target is October around the Halloween season. York is leaning towards releasing an unrated version. The special features will include the theatrical trailer, director's commentary and a 15-minute featurette "Beyond the Boundaries" with exclusive interviews, deleted scenes, outtakes, making-of, premiere recap all in one.

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