Fresh Meat: America Olivo


Time for another Fresh Meat Vixen who really puts the beauty in America. Get it? I am such a poet.This go around its Bitch Slap and Friday the 13th remake actress America Olivo. America is a knock out who has a whack of credits in many films where she plays the 'beauty' including an un-credited part in Iron Man. She is also a singer who has appeared on Soul Train. Not my cup of tea but if  I had known she was going to be on it I would have tuned in. Stunning and talented America is the newest Fresh Meat Vixen.

She can next be seen in the Friday the 13th remake where she will play the screaming beauty Amanda and of course in Bitch Slap where she plays the ass kicking Camero. Take a minute to visit her on Myspace and of course vote for her below in our Fresh Meat Vixens top list!

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