Mummy 3 In at #2 & Meat Train's Gross

At my theater this weekend, it was slow...I mean...dead slow. By nearly 3pm on Saturday we barely struck 900 people and since my theater has a monopoly on two fairly populated counties....this is a teacher work day crowd. Even so, films still managed to rake in quite a bit of money, though Batman took another hit and is falling fast.

Boxofficemojo has word that the juggernaut The Dark Knight is still reigning the box office with about $43.8million dollars (a big drop since last weekend's $75million gross) and beat The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor which came in with about $42.4million dollars. The film has already made about $60 in the foreign box office, but for a domestic $100million hit, I think Mummy 3 will probably limp over that line even though Star Wars: Clone Wars & Tropic Thunder are the only real "big summer movies" left.  There are still quite a few smaller films that will take away business and I think Mummy 3 will probably be outta most theaters sometime shortly after Labor Day.

But, something we care about more than another schlocky CGI-porn summer film (oh yes, Mummy 3 is possibly MST3K material) did The Midnight Meat Train do after being drop in only 100 theaters? The film grossed only about $32,000...not nearly enough in my opinion to get an expanded release. I haven't seen it, closest theater is nearly 4hours away. Even though we got royally buggered with the theatrical release, hopefully we'll get a good DVD with commentary & featurettes and not just some bare-bones crap.

The next horror show to hit cinemas is Alexandre Aja's swing at Asian horror with Mirrors on August 15.
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