Lost Boys 3 On the Horizon?


So Lost Boys 2: The Tribe has hit DVD and there has been some complaints about the film. Mainly that there wasn't enough of the two Coreys. Most of the word I have heard about the film is that Corey Feldman really steals the show. I cannot comment on that because I have yet to see the film myself. There also seems to be a problem with Alan (Jamison Newlander) not even being in the film itself but rather an alternate ending on the DVD.

So this brings us to todays news. According to Moviehole the studio is already talking about a sequel in which the two Coreys will be facing off against one another. They also want to bring back Jamison Newlander for a much bigger role. It would seem that they are actually taking most of the criticism from the fans and putting it into the next film if it does happen.

But my question is will this even work? I mean Corey vs Corey is happening in real life.. Could they really put aside there differences to work on a film together.. Again? I don't know and we will have to see whether the sequel really pans out or not. Until then keep your eyes here for more.

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