Mummy 4 Details


If you have not seen Mummy 3 yet this will contain a couple spoilers. Two to be exact. From my good friend Richard at FilmStalker comes word that yes Rob Cohen wants to do a Mummy 4. Maria Bello told us some time back she was on a 3 picture deal so its not a huge shock. Although I did not like Maria in the film and would not mind if she was re-cast one bit. Her dynamic with Brendan Fraser was off.

The Mummy 4 would take place in Peru and will play on the fact that Brendans character is now immortal. The Peru part is no surprise since the ending of the movie has Jonathon going to Peru to get the heck away from mummies and they then toss up the caption 'Mummys were then found in Peru'.

The Mummy 3 pulled in a respectable box office but whether its enough to pull off a demand for Mummy 4 is hard to say till we see how it does on DVD. Did you see Mummy 3? If you have be sure to post your review.

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