B-Horror Comedies I Love Part Deux


I love horror comedies. I like em gorey, I like em cheesy and yeah I also like em with some great 80's production values. This is part TWO of my new on going series on B-horror Comdies. Part 2 of who knows how many.. till I get bored? Till I get a cramp in my fingers so bad I have to have em amputated? This go around is just as delicious any just as cheesy good as last weeks. Lest get right to it shall we? I should note the synopsis's come from Amazon for each film. Great place for CHEAP dvds. We kick this list off with another Bruce Campbell movie.

Alien Apocalypse: This movie redefines the word cheese-fest. Its stupid, its campy, the FX are about as bad as it gets and its a must buy for fans of Bruce Cambell and the madness that is low budget scifi-horror. This is Planet of the Apes on a 15cent budget. Its got some of the best sayings ever including the classic homophobic comments you just normally cant get away with. It also features some of the cheesiest 'epic' battle sequences ever put on film. ( was it shot on film? ).

Dr. Ivan Hood (Bruce Campbell) and his team of astronauts return from their latest mission, only to find that Earth has been conquered and enslaved by aliens. Now Hood and fellow-scientist Kelly (Renée O'Connor) must free humanity from its alien masters. Written and directed by Bruce Campbell's friend Josh Becker ("Running Time"), "Alien Apocalypse" is the story of a manned probe that returns to Earth to discover the planet has been invaded and the people enslaved by awful exraterrestrial termites, feeding off our dwindling forests. Together with fellow Xena-alum Renee O'Connor, Bruce rallies humanity and rebels against the lumber-munching masters. "Think Spartacus with aliens." Watch a Hilarious Cheese Clip from Alien Apocalypse here.

They Live: This movie stars Roddy Roddy Piper and yes kids its a cheese fest from start to finish. This puppy has higher production values then Alien Apocalypse but unfortunately it doesnt have Bruce Campbell. But we do have Roddy Piper. This movie features some of the funniest lines ever written.. all be it they are not meant to be funny and a final sequence that involves flipping the bird that is pure genius.. again for all the wrong reasons. The big claim to fame for They Live is one of the longest and most un-neccesary fight sequences ever. This movie is a bucket full of cheese-fest-laughs and the fight scene alone is worth the price of the dvd.

John Carpenter wrote/directed this film about a group of aliens who try to take over the world by disguising themselves as Young Republicans. Wrestler Roddy Piper stars as John Nada, a drifted who makes his way into an immense encampment for the homeless. There he stumbles upon a conspiracy concerning aliens who have hypnotized the populace through subliminal messages transmitted through television, magazines, posters, and movies. When Nada looks through special Ray-Bans developed by the resistance leaders, the aliens lose their clean-cut "Dan Quayle" looks and resemble crusty-looking reptiles. Nada joins the underground, teaming up with rebel-leader Frank (Keith David) to eradicate the lizard-like aliens from the body politic. ( Watch They Live Trailer )

Return of the Killer Tomatoes: How do I describe this one. Its about killer tomatoes. This puppy features George Clooney and is absolutely friggin hilarious. The movie doesnt take itself serious and throughout the entire film it has all kinds of low brow out of context commentary and product placements that will make you laugh and shake your head. The production values are low, but the movie is packed full of laughs and the cheese level is high making this one an absolute keeper as well.

It has been years since the original Killer Tomato attack was squashed, and pizza-makers Matt (George Clooney) and Chad (Anthony Starke) are living a life ripe with good times and non-tomato based sauces. Meanwhile, mad genetic scientist Professor Gangreen (John Astin) is plotting to take over the world by creating a race of mighty tomato warriors and one wanton tomato woman (Karen Mistal). But when Chad falls in love with the bodacious tomato babe, he and Matt must face a deadly rampage of ninjas, newsmen, toxic waste and product placement. Can these two heroes defeat the most fiendish red menace of all or will the girl of their dreams turn out to be a complete vegetable? ( Watch Return of the Killer Tomatoes Trailer )

The Ginger Dead Man: Oh this one is so low brow, but oh so good. You know its a b-movie cheese fest when it stars Gary Busey. The premise as the title implies.. its about a Killer Gingerbread Man. I mean how is that not genius? A gingerbread man taht is all of 6" tall and goes around hacking up people and killing the. Gary Busey delivers an oscar performance in this bloody cheese fest that is full of chuckles for all the wrong reasons and is a sheer delight.  

Evil yet adorable Gingerbread men come to life with the souls of three convicted killers - these real life cookie monsters wreak havoc on the girl who sent the killers to the electric chair. ( Watch the GingerDeadman Trailer )

Here ends this weeks editorial on B-Horror Movies Comedies that I love. Will there be  a part 3? Will I collapse in a seizure and leave the world without my 2 cents on the b-movie genre? Wait and see horror compadres... wait and see! If you have not read Part 1 yet please do! Its got more B-Movie gooey goodness!

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