Four New Clips for Hell Ride


I'm sure if you guys are Quentin Tarantino fans then you will remember this project which he is producing. Larry Bishop was set up to direct, write and act in the biker film. Now if none of that does it for you how about we throw in cast members Michael Madsen, Eric Balfour, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Hopper and a ton of naked chicks.

The film stars Bishop as a biker who watches his women be savagely murdered by a gang of Satanic bikers. The gang known as the 666er's soon find themseleves being hunted down in the name of revenge.

Today four new clips for the film appeared online and it looks bad ass. Now I never say that unless I fuckin mean it. This movie literally looks like Grindhouse 2. So if you were hoping for a part 2 this is as close as we may ever get. Check out the clips below courtesy of Movieweb and don't forget it hits limited theaters on August 8th.

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