The Outer Limits Box Set DVD


MGM Home Entertainment controls all that you see and hear when The Outer Limits Original Series Complete Box Set DVD invades homes on October 21, 2008. The DVD art is tiny and squinty and I do apologize but its all that MGM / FOX could send us.

Hailed as “the best program of its type to ever run on network TV” by acclaimed author Stephen King, this sci-fi fantasy original series ignited the imagination of viewers with the help of such distinguished guest star appearances by Academy Award WinnerÒ Robert Duvall (Tender Mercies), Adam West (“Batman”), Eddie Albert (“Green Acres”) and Star Trek alumni William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan. The 1960s debut of the macabre series broke new ground by blurring the line between fact and fiction with dark introspective storylines.  Fans became hooked as the series continued to challenge the human mind by making the unbelievable seem like a terrifying reality. As television’s longest running science-fiction anthology, “The Outer Limits” has garnered several awards, including four Cable Ace Awards, two Gemini Awards and two Saturn Awards.

Featuring seven-discs, The Outer Limits Original Series Complete Box Set contains the complete classic series, including all 49 episodes. The Outer Limits Synopsis

The classic, thrilling science fiction program with a different cast each week explores hard science, space travel, time travel and human evolution as it examines the probing question, “What is the true nature of Man?”

The Outer Limits Original Series Complete Box Set DVD set includes the following episodes:

Disc One

  • Side A
    • Galaxy Being
    • Hundred Days of the Dragon
    • The Architects of Fear
    • The Man with the Power
  • Side B
    • Sixth Finger
    • The Man Who Was Never Born
    • O.B.I.T.
    • Human Factor

Disc Two

  • Side A
    • Corpus Earthling
    • Nightmare
    • It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
    • The Borderland
  • Side B
    • Tourist Attractio
    • The Zanti Misfit
    • The Mice
    • Controlled Experiment

Disc Three

  • Side A
    • Don’t Open Till Doomsday
    • ZZZZZ
    • The Invisibles
    • The Bellero Shield
  • Side B
    • The Children of Spider County
    • Specimen: Unknown
    • Second Chance
    • Moonstone

Disc Four

  • Side A
    • The Mutant
    • The Guests
    • Fun and Games
    • The Special One
  • Side B
    • A Feasibility Study
    • Production and Decay of Strange Particles
    • The Chameleon
    • The Forms of Things Unknown

Disc Five

  • Side A
    • Soldier
    • Cold Hands, Warm Heart
    • Behold, Eck!
    • Expanding Human
  • Side B
    • Demon With A Glass Hand
    • Cry of Silence

Disc Six

  • Side A
    • The Invisible Enemy
    • Wolf 359
    • I, Robot
    • The Inheritors (1)
  • Side B
    • The Inheritors (2)
    • Keeper of the Purple Twilight

Disc Seven

  • Side A
    • The Duplicate Man
    • Counterweight
    • The Brain of Colonel Barham
    • The Premonition
  • Side B
    • The Probe
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