Friday the 13th Remake DVD Details


At Comic Con we caught up with Brad Fuller who let us know some small details on the final cut of the Friday the 13th Remake as well as the dvd. The DVD Cut is very likely going to be much longer then the theatrical release since the movie is only 90minutes but they shot 2 and a half hours of actual film. The R Rated DVD is very likely going to contain more footage.

The final movie will be 90 minutes so there's an hour of stuff that we're going to have to cut out of the movie.

That DVD will be long and I can't imagine that the ratings board is going to be euphoric about giving us an R rating with what we're going to turn into them.

We can also likely expect some alternate endings since they shot more then one alternate for the film;

We shot a couple deaths different ways. Not where their death is questionable, whether or not it happens. Just where we want to make sure that the deaths are really effective and we weren't sure when we were on set so there's a couple different options. But I don't think there's going to be any - - there's not going to be any characters who in one cut of the movie they live and in another cut they die.

I always like when a DVD is released with a longer cut then the theatrical run. Its VERY unlikely its going to be 2 1/2 hours ( American Tourists in Cuba kinda unlikely ) but with some luck we can get an extra 20 minutes or so of carnage with our DVD purchases when it does arrive. Stay tuned for more!

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