Andromeda Strain Winners... More to Come


Had a mix up with this one but we have chosen two winners and will have more winners later this week. So if you have not yet entered... you still can. Two lucky members just won Andromeda Strain on DVD which is based on the book by Michael Crichton. Not only that but you won the original film as well as the new version starring Benjamin Bratt. Having just spent $50 on shipping for prizes this week I can not tell you how much we appreciate you reading and supporting our site by telling your compadres. We cant do all we do without you and I appreciate it. The contest winners are JohnnyWave and Godzilla_rules. Congrats to you both!

If you have not yet entered you can do so by emailing with your username/real name/address and make the subject Andromeda Strain and we will pick more winners this week.

The synopsis for this film via IMDB is; A military space capsule has brought back to earth something - a disease, a biotoxin, an organism - which has destroyed a small town in New Mexico where everyone - including the soldiers sent to retrieve the capsule - has died either in bizarre and unusual ways or have committed suicide in grisly fashion. Except for two residents, an infant and an old man. A group of scientists at a secret underground laboratory in Nevada must determine why two essentially opposite subjects survived, essentially untouched by the otherwise lethal organism, and how to prevent the organism from spreading and causing a potentially worldwide catastophe. Due to an error in the design of the lab, the organism may trigger an even worse catastrophic disaster, possibly cause their own deaths as well.  

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