Pet Sematary Redo

Pet Sematary is hands down one of the scariest films I ever saw as a child. To me this film was my Exorcist. I still can never get that image of Zelda slinking out of her bed yelling at Rachel "Never walk again! Never walk again!".

Now they are going to reimagine the book according to Variety. Paramount has hired horror specialist Dave Kajganich to write its revival, which will be produced by Alphaville.

I have also read the book and the book goes into much more detail than the movie did so what can we expect from Kajganich? Hopefully a much deeper story with more involving of their neighbor Bud. In the book he had a much bigger role and a wife. Also in the book the graveyard scene where Gages father comes back for him was much longer and more in depth.

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