Corn Remake Straight to SciFi Channel


When I first heard about a remake to the Stephen King movie Children of the Corn I was thinking it would get at the very least a decent treatment. But today all those hopes were dashed when the Quad City Times announced that the remake will be filming in Iowa where the original was made.

Shooting is said to begin in September and they have already begun interviewing "area children" for speaking roles and as extras. As far as I am concerned this doesn't sound good. Not one bit. Not to mention it is going to straight to the SciFi Channel and then to theaters in Europe.

The only good thing I really feel about the film is that they are going to go with the original novel. This time around they want to keep a bleak ending and not finish with the happy ending as it is in the original. Apparently Stephen King did not like the film. Well King also did not like The Shining and we all know how that film turned out.

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