Megan Fox Nude Scene Cut


Gabs1515 wrote in to us to let us know that the nude scene that everyone has been talking about in the upcoming Jennifers Body has been cut. In fairness I dont think she was ever truly nude since photos leaked online showed her with flesh colored pasties coming out of a lake. So semi-nude at best might be the way to describe the role. According to WorstPreviews and Gabs1515 their was however a nude scene and it has been cut.

Does the fact that Megan Fox is NOT nude impact your interest in the movie? I would be willing to bet a large section of the male demographic was interested in that particular aspect of the movie. Afterall the promotion and buzz forthe film so far has been focused entirely on how hot Megan is and how she has a lesbian make out scene ( which was not cut ) and you get to see her nude, which apparently is cut.

Jennifers Body centers on Jennifer (Fox), a cheerleader who is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. Her bookish best friend Needy must take drastic measures to protect their town from the seductive teenager and her appetite for high school guys.

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