Ajas Talks Piranha...Its No Remake


Scifi talked to Aja who spilled the beans that his upcoming remake of Piranha is not a remake at all. Its got nothing to do with the first film and is not a remake in any sense of the word. He calls the cast 'meat' in this film and asserts that he is firmly on the Piranha's side and intends to share one hell of a bloody mess with us all. Strangely he compares it to Weird Science and Gremlins.

Kind of ... like Weird Science," he said. "It's like [director Joe Dante's] Gremlins, for adults. There's a lot of gore. [It's] much more sexy. I don't want to do something completely campy and phony. I want to do something scary. I'm walking on a fine line here, because I want to have a lot of fun."

The big thing that stood out to me was the 3d element of the movie. Frankly I thought the idea was weak at best. Aja believes this is the new technology that will stop people from downloading movies and also from watching it on DVD. He feels 3d technology will immerse viewers in the film and really add that much more effect. My take here is that the 3d technology I have scene so far it is far from immersive and those glasses gimme a damn headache. That said the technology has really evolved and who knows what we might have soon! Thanks to DJBlack for shooting over the scoop!

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