Two Scribes For Poltergeist Remake


Another day, another remake getting closer to raping our childhood memories. Today that memory will be of Poltergeist. THR reports that Boogeyman scribes Juliet Snowden and Stiles White will be providing the scares for the script. No word on who will be directing the film yet.

For some reason I have this really bad feeling that they are going to replace the six year old Carol Anne with some angst ridden teenager to appeal to tweens. This is one remake that I really don't feel good about. Unlike some of the other films like Friday the 13th this one is not about kills or gore. Poltergeist is about the relationships within a family and then throwing them into a horrible situation in which we actually care for them.

I think these writers in general get a bad wrap however for the Boogeyman title. The actual film building up to the reveal of the "monster" I felt was pretty well put together. But once we got to about the last fifteen minutes thats where everything turned sour. Hopefully these guys can focus more on the family aspect of this film and the character development rather than making it "hip and modern".

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