What is Going on With Trick 'r Treat?


It seems that today everyone is wondering what the hell is going on with Trick 'r Treat. I think the real answer here is that nobody really knows.. Not even Warner Bros. really know what they are going to do with the project at this point. I'm really shocked that we haven't seen this film yet.

Everything that was going on before the release in October last year would have led you to believe it was being released then. But then it was yanked for no apparent reason. Which spelled trouble for the film being that its success pretty much depended on it getting that October release in time for Halloween.

Since then we have heard little bits and pieces about the film. First Warner had dropped it completely. Well now apparently they have picked it back up and will be releasing it in limited theaters in 2009 says B-D with a DVD release shortly after. Whatever happens I hope they do it soon. This film looks to good to be sitting on the shelf for this ludicrous amount of time.

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