Dark Castle Has Two More Coming


While Return to House on Haunted Hill was nothing to brag about, I can say they did a fine job at making the production values of the film sing. So with Whiteout and The Hills Run Red gearing up what do they have up next for us? Well according to Shock they are looking to mix up there pattern a little bit.

First they have an original project titled All Cheerleaders Die (unrelated to Lucky McKee and Chris Siverston's short film). As you have probably already guessed that will be a horror comedy. The other is going to be another House on Haunted Hill flick. Rumor is that it will probably be the prequel that has been talked about before.

If they do plan on working on any other sequels to their films they will only be done with films under Warner Bros. So we won't be seeing a Thirteen Ghosts sequel but we may see something from House of Wax or Ghost Ship if they decide to go that route. At this point its all up in the air. I would like to see them continue to work on original films but I think they doing a little business research here to see which does better. That way they can follow whatever brings in more loot.

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