Hellboy 2 DVD Details and Art


Hellboy II: The Golden Army is really holding strong so far as one of my favorite films this year. Of course there is still a lot to look forward to with October still on the horizon. Guillermo del Toro really took this film and turned it into one bad ass flick with some amazing creature designs and some great special FX.

Today DVD Active got their hands on some of the early details on what we can expect for the DVD from Universal Home Entertainment. Unfortunately though we don't have a release date or any real specs. We do know however that they plan on releasing a one disc, three disc and a Blu-Ray edition of the film. The only special feature that was announced is a digital copy of the film.

But just like the last edition of the film this one will also have a special collectors set. Included in the set will be a limited edition Golden Army statue and an excerpt from Guillermo del Toro's journal. The set looks really impressive and you can check it out below. As soon as we know more we will let you know.

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