Killer Christmas Trees in TREEVENGE


Many of you know I love to post about weird and escentric films I stumble across and it's time for another one.  This time I was browsing through Fangoria's website and found information on a short indie horror thats tearing up the festival circuit.  The film is called Treevenge and is a 15 minute horror/comedy said to be filled with plenty of gore and yuletide fear.  The short film debuted a while back at Fantasia Film Fest and won the Best Short/Audience Award and it is heading to plenty more festivals soon.

Treevenge is a Christmas themed horror short revolving around Christmas trees revenge for being ripped from their homes and stuck in houses with tacky decorations every Christmas.  The trees have had enough and have decided this Christmas morning they will fight back for all the suffering they endure each year. 

Yeah I know, killer Christmas trees sounds like one crazy idea but tell me that its also not pretty freakin' sweet!  There are some great production shots on the Treevenge Official Website that I recommend checking out and see what you think, I've been kind enough to put one at the end of this article.  This outrageous short is brought to us by Rob Cotterill and Jason Eisner.  They are no strangers to horror shorts as they won the SXSW Grindhouse trailer contest for their faux trailer Hobo With a Shotgun.  As previously stated, Treevenge has already won an award with it's debut at Fantasia Film Fest and will be hitting many more festivals soon.  Upcoming festivals that Treevenge is scheduled to play at include:

  • Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas
  • Atlantic Film Fest in Halifax
  • Vagrancy Films presents Blut Und Madchen-Film-Nacht
  • Toronto After Dark
  • Boston Underground Film Fest
  • Deadmonton Horror Film Fest
  • And many more TBA

So if it is heading to a festival near you, check it out as it is said to be hilarious horror fun.  The final product has been shot in high-def and the whole project was done for under $5,000.  Check back to the official Treevenge Site for updates as they expect it to hit more festivals in the future as well.  Hopefully at some point this short will be released in some capacity for everyone to see because I think it looks great!

Deadmonton Horror Film Fest

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