New Trailer and Poster for Beast


We have been following Timo Rose's Beast for quite some time and now some more bits have come to the surface. A new poster and trailer were just released and the team is putting the final touches on the film. Hopefully soon we will get a release date of some kind.

The cast of Timo Rose's Beast consists mainly of people that Timo has worked with from his other films. Joe Zaso, Raine Brown, Andreas Pape, Joe Davison, Eileen Daly, Yassmin Pucci and Timo, himself, will jump in front of the cameras from time to time as well. But a great addition was made recently of Monique Dupree.

The plot is still a bit sparse but from what we know it basically follows a couple whom are dealing with a problem. Well mainly lyncanthrophy. Beyond that I don't know much about it as the information is slim but judging from the trailers it looks like some werewolf hunters get involved as well.

Below you can check out the full theatrical trailer for the film and you can click on the poster above to get a better look. You can check out more at the films MySpace page.

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