Shiver DVD Art


Dark Sky Films have just told us that you better mark your calendars for October 28th. Isioro Ortiz's Shiver will be hitting DVD for a suggested retail price of $24.98. Also if you are lucky you may be able to catch it on the big screen at any number of the fan screenings that will be taking place across the U.S. in September and October.

Shiver tells the creepy tale of Santi, a lonely teenager who suffers from photophobia.  Santi has excessive sensitivity to light, so he is forced to move with his Mother to a far-off village in the mountains to avoid sunlight. Soon after they arrive, locals and livestock start turning up butchered and Santi becomes the main suspect. The only way to prove his innocence to the town will be to unearth the terrible secret that’s hidden deep in the woods.

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