Poltergeist BluRay Specs


From Warner Brothers we have the specs and some artwork for the upcoming release on BluRay on October 14th. “They’re here,” - seeming almost whimsical at first, playing stack-the- chair games in the Freelings kitchen. Then things turn darker. A storm erupts, a tree attacks and little Carol Anne Freeling is whisked into a spectral void.

As her family confronts horrors galore and fights to bring the youngster back, something else is here too: a new benchmark in Hollywood ghost stories. Producers Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall and director Tobe Hooper head the elite scream team of this classic whose nerve-jangling effects include floating phantasms, the fiercest monster ever to pop out of a closet and an entire house collapsing into nothingness. Welcome to Home Sweet Haunted Home.

  • Collectible Book-style Packaging
  • Must-Have 44-page bonus book (Includes never-before-available photos, fascinating insider info and more!)
  • New Documentary: They are here: The Real World of Poltergeist Revealed
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